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Patton Consulting PLLC

Trusted Advisory Services for Internal Audit

About the founder

Hardy Patton is an experienced leader providing trusted advisory services including external quality assessments, independent validations, development of enterprise risk management programs, internal audit coaching, and interim chief audit executive services. We provide our clients with high-quality personalized interactions focused on delivery of results that exceed expectations.

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·         External Quality Assessments/Validations

·         ERM - Risk identification/program creation

·         Interim CAE services and coaching

·         Multi-year internal audit strategies

·         Risk based internal audit plans

·         Global internal audit standard training

·         Audit committee/IA charter analysis

·         Fraud and risk management training

·         Internal audit org structure best practices

·         Continuing education workshops


·         CAE- fortune 250 company

·         Service provider for EQAs via the IIA 

·         EQA -Fortune 100 tech company

·         EQA -Fortune 250 energy org 

·         EQAs with gov't organizations

·         EQAs with financial institutions

·         Board internal audit structure advice

·         Internal audit charter oversight

·         ERM - Program creation/risk prioritization

·         ERM - Annual surveys and heat maps

·         Fraud risk/corporate disclosure committees

·         IIA member -executive membership experience

·         SMU Emerging Executive Academy



Experience You Can Trust

External Quality Assessment (EQA)

Our EQA service provides an independent assessment of your internal audit function and is designed to help you identify areas for improvement and enhance the effectiveness of your internal audit function.

Development of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Program

Interim Chief Audit Executive (CAE) Services

Our ERM services provide experience and knowledge to help create and prioritize an inventory of top risks designed around your specific organization and your company's strategy and objectives while helping you understand your risk appetite.

Our CAE services help you fill temporary chief auditor gaps in your internal audit function as well as provide coaching to internal audit leaders as needed.

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